Jane Smith, Inc.

Science-fiction comedy (2018-ongoing)

The life and times of New Vegas private detective Jane Smith, finder of lost persons cats.

Updates on Mondays.

Who Am I?

Autumn Lansing mugshot

Who Am I?

Artist, historian, international jewel thief

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  • My Kingdom for a Roll of Toilet Paper

    2020年 3月 16日

    You may notice a slightly different format and art style from today forward, starting with the Homecoming epilogue. I plan to use the standard comic book page size from now on. I'm also doing thicker inks and have transitioned away from using SVG for signs and such. My next project, after Homecoming ends, will be more loose in format and style.

    I've started on another Jane, but I'm not sure if it will be ready to go after the current story ends. I'm mostly focused on getting a new project ready to submit for a grant, so it's eating up my attention. That plus the whole country has gone crazy in the past week. I spent today fighting off crowds just to get toilet paper, because I was almost out and much prefer it to corn cobs. Things are going to get even crazier before it's over with, so who knows. I'll persevere and keep doing comics as best I can. Stay safe, everyone, deep inside your toilet paper castles.