Empty Sky

Crime, pyschedelic, heavy (2020-ongoing)

Two young women from the South journey across the country, hoping to find their dreams in San Francisco. Set during the early 1970s.

Updates on Mondays.

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Who Am I?

Artist, historian, international jewel thief

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  • Empty Sky Will Continue

    2020年 4月 27日

    I've decided to post the entirety of Part 1 of Empty Sky, about 24 pages. I'm hoping to be done with Part 1 in June, though I'll probably not upload everything at once. Weekly postings will continue for now. I hope you're enjoying the story so far. I'm having a lot of fun with these characters, and I'm excited about where the story is going.

    Setting a story in the early 1970s is also fun. In the days before cell phones, the internet, Airbnb, and Amazon, things moved at a slower pace. If your car broke down in the middle of a desert, you were screwed. Not so today. You can just hop on your phone and dial up help. That's no fun. Trust me. Before I finally got a cell phone I had many adventures, broken down on lonely highways, often at night, trying to hitch a ride to the nearest town, or walking several miles to find a phone. Now, that was fun! YMMV.