Jane Smith, Inc.

Science-fiction comedy (2018-ongoing)

The life and times of New Vegas private detective Jane Smith, finder of lost persons cats.

Updates on Mondays.

Who Am I?

Autumn Lansing mugshot

Who Am I?

Artist, historian, international jewel thief

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  • Project Updates

    2020年 2月 24日

    The current Jane Smith, Inc. story, will end in early April. I've been working on a new story to continue where this one leaves off, but I'm also going back over the current story and remastering it for comic book format. The books will be released in the coming months. I consider what I post here on this site as early drafts. My style is constantly changing and improving, so being able to redraw sections I don't like and being able to correct parts of the story that need attention is necessary for a polished work.

    On top of working on Jane, I'm also beginning a new exciting project inspired by the classic science fiction movies and comics of the 1950s and 1960s. It's still in the planning stages at this point, but I hope to start rough sketching on it soon.