Jane Smith, Inc.

Science-fiction comedy (2018-ongoing)

The life and times of New Vegas private detective Jane Smith, finder of lost persons cats.

Updates on Mondays.

Who Am I?

Autumn Lansing mugshot

Who Am I?

Artist, historian, international jewel thief

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  • Comics Now Weekly

    2019年 12月 3日

    Starting December 9th, I'll be posting single comic pages once a week instead of waiting to post entire chapters or stories. Whether I can do two a week or not is up in the air right now. My comic pages are big and often not easily broken up. For the second Jane Smith, Inc. story, though, I plan to experiment with a different layout that might reduce the number of panels per page, making them quicker to complete.

    New comics will be posted on Mondays, with an occasional second posting during the week. Enjoy!