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  • 2019年2月1日

    The final page of Homecoming Part 2 has been posted, and a few things were updated around the site. Back to the artwork now.

  • 2019年1月30日

    Page 9 of Homecoming Part 2 has been posted. Page 10, the final page, will follow in a day or two.

    In addition, I've done some much needed work on the website. Jane pages should load lighter and faster now, and the Jane RSS feed is behaving better. I also did a lot behind the scenes to automate the work involved in posting a new Jane page.

    During February I'll be doing more work on the website, especially on the Emily section. I also will be working on Emily and the Jaguar pages and the script for Part 3 of Homecoming. I'll most likely not begin to post Part 3 until March or April, depending on how my time goes. I really need to get a few things tidied up behind the scenes before I can focus on the artwork.

  • 2018年12月31日

    I’d hoped to finish Part 2 of “Homecoming” by the end of the year, but life had other plans for me. I did manage to finish pages 7 and 8 though.

    Jane Smith, Inc.

    Only two more pages to go in Part 2.

  • 2018年11月30日

    Pages 1-6 of Part 2 in the Jane Smith, Inc. story “Homecoming” have been posted. Pages 1 and 2 are updates to previously published preview versions.

    Jane Smith, Inc.

    I've also updated the website to focus primarily on my comics and illustrations. I hope to have RSS set up for the news feed soon.

  • 2018年10月29日

    I was interviewed on Read it here.